Building a 100% Serverless Blog Site Application with the Right Observability

In the workshop, at first, we will build blog post handling and processing parts of a blog site application from scratch step by step on AWS Lambda. Applications will be interacted and pipelined with each other through AWS services like API Gateway, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB and many others. We will grasp the importance of observability in distributed serverless applications and learn how to monitor this application s with CloudWatch, X-Ray, and Thundra.



  • Understanding the internals and capabilities of AWS components in a serverless architecture.
  • Understanding of why observability is crucial for your application
  • The ways of gaining observability with cloud provided solutions and with Thundra


The attendees will need to have an AWS Account, Node.js installed in the account. Development familiarity with serverless is beneficial. 


Your workshop hosts: Özge Lüle, Hamit Burak Emre, Hasan Fehmi Danacı

Özge Lüle is a software engineer at Thundra, observability, and security solution for serverless centric applications. She is pleased to be a part and contribute to the serverless community. She is an AWS Certified Developer. Loves board games, video games, anything fiction.

Hamit is a software engineer at Thundra; dealing with monitoring, debugging and security solutions for serverless environments. He is also an AWS Certified Developer, speaking and making workshops on serverless observability. He loves playing video games, soccer and learning French(oui).

Hasan Fehmi Danacı is a Senior Software Engineer at Thundra, an Application Observability and Security Platform working on serverless, containers and VM workloads. Hasan is especially interested in resolving tracing issues in serverless workloads for .NET applications. He's mostly found discussing blockchain and/or playing video games. 


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