Towards Cloud 3.0 with Google Cloud Platform Workshop

We will build real-time event processing system which consists of the following managed components:

  • Cloud Functions, AppEngine and Cloud Endpoints to serve API
  • Cloud PubSub for messaging
  • Cloud Dataflow for data pipelines
  • Cloud Firestore for database
  • BigQuery and Data Studio for analytics
  • Cloud Build, Cloud Composer and Stackdriver for Ops

Takeaway: jumpstart your full stack serverless journey with GCP


  • A laptop
  • Github account, repo will be shared during the session
  • Gcp account, there is a free tier of 300usd which is more than enough

Your workshop host: Vsevolod Hrechaniuk

Straight from sunny Norway ­čç│­čç┤, I am always curious to know as well as to share what tech has to offer. Have been here and there, from working in investment banks to building startups, eventually ending up being cloud-savvy. Currently engaged with a Google premier partner to deliver cutting-edge cloud solutions to leading local players. Some of my current involvements are: bringing 500 containers to the cloud, building sophisticated AI-stack for the local agricultural giant.


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