The Innovator Island Workshop (AWS)

Welcome to the Theme Park!


This exciting new theme park, built on the remote island of Isla Sanserver, combines rollercoasters and rides with shows and exhibits. The park is the creation of the billionaire entrepreneur behind Wild Rydes, the unicorn taxi service that sold in 2018. The park will open every day and expects up to 50,000 visitors daily. It's self-guided, using a web application that guests can browse on their smartphones.


The only slight problem is that the development team has suddenly left and the park's Grand Opening is today! You only have 2 hours to finish assembling the remaining pieces of the application before the gates open. But don't worry, serverless is at hand! These instructions will guide you through using AWS services to assemble a complete application so you can save the day.


Attendees will need to bring their own laptop, the rest is done in the cloud!

Your workshop hosts: Julian Wood and Ben Smith

I am a Developer Advocate for AWS Serverless. I work with the serverless product teams at AWS to create great serverless content. I help people love serverless more and also act as the feedback conduit from developers and builders to help make AWS serverless the best place to run applications.

Ben is a senior developer advocate for AWS with a strong background in web development and automation. Ben works in the AWS Serverless team to help developers build solutions and learn about the benefits of a serverless approach.


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