Serverless GraphQL API with AppSync and DynamoDB

In the last years, GraphQL has become very popular for frontend to backend communication in the tech industry. GraphQL makes it easy to control all the data you need and thanks to the typed schema GraphQL has great tooling for caching, testing, or orchestrating a microservice architecture. This workshop provides an outlook on the future of API development with Amazon Web Services. With just the AWS console and a small portion of code, we are able to create a serverless and scalable GraphQL API in minutes. If you love to play around with bleeding-edge technologies and want to get your hands dirty in a hands-on session - this workshop is the right one for you!



  • Build a serverless GraphQL API with AWS in minutes
  • Integrate the API with a scalable database
  • Use functionless technologies, the next evolution of serverless
  • Enjoy a hands-on session with bleeding-edge technologies


Workshop hosts: Henrik Fricke and Till Kahlbrock

Henrik Fricke is Cloud Consultant at superluminar GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. He has a passion for quality software engineering and sustainable infrastructure. With a mixed holistic view, from user interface to serviceful implementations, Henrik ensures all customer needs are covered.


Till Kahlbrock has been working with software systems in- and outside the cloud for over 12 years. He enjoys working with teams on technical and interpersonal challenges.



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