Build a serverless IoT solution with real sensors


Get your hands on real hardware. In this workshop, you will build your own IoT solution using AWS IoT and an ESP8266 SoC. Since the limited

compute power of IoT devices often comes with security issues, you learn how to connect an ESP8266 to AWS IoT Core without compromising

security. You will build a small data lake with temperature and humidity sensor data and visualize the data in a cost-efficient way. All this will be

achieved by utilizing AWS managed services on a serverless architecture.

You will learn:

  • Fundamentals of IoT and the MQTT protocol
  • Programming of microcontrollers / SoC’s
  • IoT security fundamentals
  • Connecting of sensors to AWS IoT
  • Building a data lake using AWS managed services
  • Fancy visualization of your data


  • Bring your own laptop with USB 3.0 port (or adapter USB-C to USB 3.0)
  • Basic knowledge of AWS
  • Basic knowledge of javascript
  • Own AWS account with admin permissions

Your workshop hosts: Michael Kuehne-Schlinkert & Szymon Kochanski

Michael Kuehne-Schlinkert is a cloud architect and industrial IoT expert and as well the CEO of, an industrial IoT Solution Builder. He

works within the industrial IoT sector as well as the cloud industry for more than 5 years and holds two AWS certifications.

Szymon Kochanski is a technical product manager and IoT architect at He works with IoT on a professional level for more than 5 years,

has a strong background in cloud architect and security. He holds 4 AWS certifications.


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