Robert Hostlowsky

Currently, Robert Hostlowsky is working as a developer, enabler, coach and systems engineer. 

He previously published an online video course about developing a full-stack GraphQL application online-course.

In more than 20 years Robert collected experiences and insights in different roles in software development. 

He lives DevOps culture on modern cloud infrastructure together with together latest web technologies, and loves how it finally improves the developer experience and speed of continuous delivery. 


Talk: Running an customizable GraphQL Trello clone without any servers. You can do it, too!

2 years ago, I searched for a demo example for creating a course about a real-world, full web app powered by GraphQL. Because I love Trello in my daily work, I wanted to build a clone with custom extra features. With existing services this should be like playing Lego bricks, with almost no costs.

But where to store data, serve the page and how to do user management?

Another problem was the maintenance of my own product and to adapt to  fast changing services. A solid test strategy helped to face this challenge.

I want to share my experiences to inspire others to bring their ideas to the market.


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