Nicolai Buchwitz

Sponsored Talk ⭐️ by Katulu

Nicolai has a strong background in industrial monitoring and developed the industrial monitoring solution for nearly all  hydrogen filling stations all over Europe. He loves to play with hardware and IoT components, when he is not busy traveling by bike or works in his garden.

Talk: Smart Garden 4.0 with AWS IoT and Serverless

Learn with an exciting use case how to use AWS to make your garden smart and control everything. AWS IoT and serverless architectures are on everyone’s mind. We will show you how to use them at home at ease and quickly turn your garden into a green oasis with little effort and without a green thumb - notifications with care instruction on your phone included.

AWS IoT offers you the possibility to integrate a variety of different hardware platforms, such as the popular ESP microcontroller family, or even complex industrial control systems (PLC), which enables you to bring your sensor data quickly and securely into the cloud. With the help of the right event-driven serverless architecture, you are able to evaluate this data and have an overview of all relevant metrics of your garden at any time and from anywhere. Flexible notifications ensure that you can sit back and relax and still be aware of any problems. Problems such as dying plants or infections due to incorrect watering are hopefully a thing of the past.After this talk you will know how to use AWS IoT to connect your house, the garden or even the nearest factory.


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