Nick Van Hoof


I’m a passionate software developer who loves to float around in the cloud. 


Cloud technology really fascinates me. I have major expertise in AWS and AWS serverless but appreciate other clouds just as well. I want to be ahead of change and thus I am also working with IoT and AI. There is always so much to learn, so many things to improve up on.  I love to share the things I learn. A lifetime of learning and teaching. (I used to be a Math and Physics teacher)


On a personal note I'm also a big sportsman and love my everyday morning coffee :D 

Talk: Monitoring Serverless Applications: the Monitoring Monster becomes your Friend.

Serverless as the new normal?

Serverless is fun and easy. It is the new kid on the block. But with new technology also come new challenges.

How will you monitor a system that is as distributed as serverless systems tend to be?

Is there a monitoring monster lurking around the corner? 


Challenges and Solutions

I’ll admit, there are tons of options to tackle the monster. But what can you do to make sure you aren’t called out of bed at night? In this talk, I’ll speak from the heart and share my own experience from using serverless in production for two years.


Challenges to tackle

  • Finding the error in a distributed serverless system
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks
  • Testing whether your cloud setup is working as expected and performing under load


  • Should you structure your logs? Of course, but why?
  • How do you set up distributed tracing?
  • Provide metrics and dashboards.
  • Get insight in your log data.
  • Test your remote system under load

My promise

Using the right tools and best practices, you’ll tackle the monitoring monster no doubt. I’ll do you one better. There won’t be a monster, you'll have some new best friends!"


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