Erica Windisch

Erica Windisch was the co-founder and CTO of IOpipe where she helped organizations maximize the benefits of serverless applications by minimizing debug time and providing correlation between business intelligence and application metrics. She is now a Principal Engineer at New Relic.


As an advocate and pioneer of cloud computing since 2001, Erica is always pushing forward as technology and the industry adapt. She was an early contributor to OpenStack and maintainer of the Docker project where she worked on hardening Linux containers and establishing corporate and community security policies.


Erica is a champion of AWS Lambda and serverless technologies—she sees them as an evolution of the developer and business experiences that enable rapid innovation. She speaks frequently at conferences about AWS Lambda and other AWS solutions. She's passionate about systems architecture, security, and the future she sees for machine-automated, low-code development.

Talk: My Last Serverless Talk

In my talk, I will explore a project where I aimed to be serverless first, and how I failed along the way. I will explore how serverless architectures fit in with legacy applications, explore the value of building serverless, and provide some parting thoughts on transforming your organization.


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