Efi Merdler-Kravitz



Efi is Director of Engineering at Lumigo.io, a monitoring and debugging platform for serverless applications... built on a 100% serverless backend.


An early and enthusiastic adopter of serverless methodology, and frequent speaker on the topic, Efi has 12 years of experience as a developer, team leader, group manager, and director in the healthcare, mobile, security and agriculture industries.


Efi began on his journey into serverless as head of engineering at Coneuron, building its entire stack on Lambda, S3, API GW, and Firebase, while perfecting the art of helping developers transition to a serverless mindset.

Talk: Testing Techniques for Serverless Applications

Serverless is the new poster child for cloud-native development, it is different from traditional cloud-native paradigms, and it affects the way testing is conducted. It's a distributed architecture on steroids with multiple services that are not under your control.

Using traditional unit and integration testing techniques don’t cut it anymore, many of the services you use aren’t available for local consumption. New testing paradigms emerge that allow you to run your entire test flow in the cloud. 


The following session will survey the available tools and techniques to test your Serverless applications, everything from:

  • Local unit testing with mocks
  • Real Lambda environment with containers
  • Local AWS stack a.k.a LocalStack
  • Up to full-fledged cloud testing with real AWS services. 


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