Efi Merdler-Kravitz



Efi is Director of Engineering at Lumigo.io, a monitoring and debugging platform for serverless applications... built on a 100% serverless backend.


An early and enthusiastic adopter of serverless methodology, and frequent speaker on the topic, Efi has 12 years of experience as a developer, team leader, group manager, and director in the healthcare, mobile, security and agriculture industries.


Efi began on his journey into serverless as head of engineering at Coneuron, building its entire stack on Lambda, S3, API GW, and Firebase, while perfecting the art of helping developers transition to a serverless mindset.

Talk: CI/CD in the serverless era

Serverless development introduces a new methodology of how to build real “cloud native” applications or workloads. In monolithic and microservices architectures, it is simple to develop locally and then push the code to the CI/CD pipeline to be integrated and tested with the work of others. It is relatively simple to write and run an integration test as well and use a staging environment like the ""real"" environment. In some teams, developers are doing all these tasks, but in many, there are dedicated DevOps and QA engineers to continue the process after the developer checks in his code.


Practicing serverless, the developer carries the entire responsibility to do all of the above. In this talk, we’ll share the process and tools we used for CI/CD to our serverless based application at Lumigo.


- Dev Environment

- Testing Methodology 

- Deployment Pipeline, combining Bash, AWS CLI and Serverless Framework to create a seamless CI/CD pipeline.

- Monitoring


Let's discuss good serverless practices.


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