Efi Merdler-Kravitz



Efi is Director of Engineering at Lumigo.io, a monitoring and debugging platform for serverless applications... built on a 100% serverless backend.


An early and enthusiastic adopter of serverless methodology, and frequent speaker on the topic, Efi has 12 years of experience as a developer, team leader, group manager, and director in the healthcare, mobile, security and agriculture industries.


Efi began on his journey into serverless as head of engineering at Coneuron, building its entire stack on Lambda, S3, API GW, and Firebase, while perfecting the art of helping developers transition to a serverless mindset.

Talk: CI/CD in the Serverless Era

In this session, we’ll learn about building a fast and robust Serverless CI/CD pipeline used for delivering a Serverless product.

Get prepared to learn about the

  • Tech stack
  • Development process
  • Staged release using a step function
  • Parallel testing


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