Tirumarai Selvan

Tiru is a senior engineer at Hasura, a GraphQL over Postgres platform. He is the lead developer of Hasura Event Triggers which enables serverless application development over Postgres. He is experienced in all layers of the stack from Javascript to Haskell, bare metal to containers. He is also the maintainer for 3factor (https://3factor.app) app design pattern.

Talk: Building stateful applications using serverless

In this talk, we want to open the doors of serverless to stateful applications. Although managing state is hard in any paradigm, it is especially challenging in serverless because of its on-demand short-lived model. But it isn’t impossible.


We will build a complex B2C application with multiple steps & intricate workflows purely using serverless and supporting tools. We will especially look at the stateful aspects of the app: from managing database connections to uninterrupted disaster recovery. Finally, we will load our application with 10k requests and witness serverless in its full glory.


We will also look at the open challenges and possible solutions for stateful application development on serverless.


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