Ran Ribenzaft

I’m a passionate developer, with vast experience in network, infrastructure, and cyber-security. Constantly chasing new technologies - as the current one is Serverless. Love sharing open source tools to make everyone lives easier :) In my current role, I’m the co-founder and CTO at Epsagon - monitoring for serverless applications. I love swimming, traveling around the world, and taking breathtaking pictures.

Workshop: Serverless observability workshop

  • Starting with an existing AWS serverless application, including Lambda, managed services (API Gateway, S3, SNS, DynamoDB, triggers), and external APIs (Auth0, Twilio).
  • I’ll show how the application behaves and what business flows exist in it.
  • We’ll discuss the potential risks and challenges in such an application - e.g. debugging a distributed flows, performance monitoring of user flow (as opposed to a single function), as well as the cost challenges due to the pay-per-use nature.
  • We’ll demonstrate several solutions, including log aggregation, distributed tracing, and modern tools like Epsagon (see my blog for an idea).


Requirements for the workshop

The target audience should be familiar with AWS Lambda and hopefully, the CloudWatch console as well. No other prerequisite is needed.


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