Ivan Čuljak

Ivan is a .NET freelance developer in love with Azure, Xamarin, and the idea of automating whatever. When he’s not developing something new, he’s salvaging something inherited, consulting with enthusiasm, and testing and breaking new technologies in a quest for something useful.

Workshop: Going Serverless on Azure

Not so long ago serverless was a cool thing to have, but not really that useful. Sure, you were able to run small scripts/functions without getting a nice bill, or worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Times have changed, and serverless is almost a first class citizen nowadays. You can use it for serious stuff like APIs, data processing, linked complex systems, but you can still use it as a “helper” tool for your current systems. Come, and join us to learn what can, and what still can’t be done with Azure Functions, how can you mock APIs with them, and then transform it to a full fledged API action by action, how to place a gateway in front on them, how to chain them, how much should you worry about security, is it possible to just move your existing code, etc. We’ll also go through orchestration with Durable Functions, serverless containers, connecting everything with both messages, and events, etc. I promise it will be fun and useful ;)


A zero-to-hero 4 hours workshop which will get you started on developing, deploying, and scaling serverless functions, and containers on Azure, but appliable to other clouds as well. Not only that but we’ll cover solutions to some problems that you never knew existed like preheating, and prescaling


Here's a blog post about what's covered in the workshop.

Requirements for the workshop

The requirements are some sort of a computer, an Azure subscription, hopefully Windows with Visual Studio installed, but we can get away with macOS and Visual Studio for Mac, and probably Linux / Visual Studio Code, or figure out an RDP connection to some VMs in Azure.


Here is blog post covering how to prepare your machine for the workshop.


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