Ewan Slater

I started out as a research scientist and then drifted into IT.

These days I’m an architect in Oracle’s EMEA Technology Cloud Team, have over twenty years experience in the technology industry and a lot less hair.

I joined Oracle when they acquired Thor Technology in 2005. I intended to stay for six months and I’m still here.

I’m currently focused on helping Oracle’s customers and partners adopt a cloud native approach to development.

Outside of work I’m an active member of the Norwich Ruby User Group (NRUG) and Digital East Anglia.

I contribute to a number of open source projects and I’m one of the organisers of the DevEast conference in the UK.

Workshop: Writing a Serverless Saga - in code

In this workshop, delegates will implement a saga pattern - a long running transaction across multiple serverless functions running on the Fn platform.


In the course of the workshop we’ll cover:

  • Overview of Fn - an open source serverless platform
  • function development
  • function deployment
  • composing functions together into apps
  • orchestrating Fn functions with Flow
  • using these to create our saga pattern


Requirements for the workshop

  • Projector / mic / internet access
  • Each delegate to bring a laptop with docker installed.
  • operating systems: Mac, Linux, Linux VM (if on Windows)
  • code editor


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