Christoph Neijenhuis

Christoph leads the Cloud Integration and API Extensibility projects at commercetools GmbH in Berlin, Germany. He designed the Subscription API that pushes events to AWS SNS and SQS, Azure, Google Cloud, and He has also designed the Mobile and Single Page App APIs for commercetools, as well as other developer-focused features.


Previously, Christoph founded a startup and worked at the online translation management software Ontram.

Talk: Escape the lock-in: How Our Functions Run on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

Can your code be reused when moving from one cloud vendor to another? Yes! We’ve faced a related problem: The open-source projects we provide to our customers must run on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud at the same time.


In this session we will live demo two functions: one reacting to HTTP requests and another for an event from a Message Queue (AWS SNS, Azure Service Bus, GC Pub/Sub). Next, we’ll show how the same code implementing our business logic runs on Lambda, Azure Functions and GC Functions with a small adapter.


Based on this, we’ll look at what you can easily do today to avoid vendor lock-in, but also discuss when it’s difficult to do so.


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